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Industrial Construction Services

Cogbill Construction takes pride in its in-house design-and-build EPC capabilities that accommodate most small to midsize commercial and industrial construction requirements. We offer a diverse range of capabilities to meet almost any construction need, from foundation to roofing, including finishing.

Our services include erecting structural and civil constructions, pouring concrete, and finishing with paving and landscaping for new construction or renovation work. Our design team can create conceptual 3D renderings with full texturing, allowing you to visualize your projects even before designs are finalized. Our project management and procurement team is capable of handling all jobs from beginning to end.


  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

  • Commercial & Industrial

  • New Construction & Renovation

  • Project Management & Procurement

  • Prefabricated Steel Buildings

  • Structural & Carpentry

  • Excavation & Dirt Work

  • Concrete Foundation & Paving

  • Interior & Exterior

  • Framing, Intermediate, Finish

  • Drywall, Flooring, Foundation

  • Emergency Response Repairs

Equipment & Capabilities

  • Rough Terrain Cranes

  • Long Reach Excavators

  • Dump Trucks

  • RT Loaders

  • Bulldozers

  • Tractors

  • 18-Wheelers

  • Cranes

  • Man Lifts

  • Pressure Washers

  • Bush Hogs

  • Lawn Mowers


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