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Redlineips Pipe Shoes

Pipe Shoes are most commonly used to support insulated piping and to transfer loads or forces to a pipe’s support structure. This keeps the weight of a pipe from damaging its insulation. Additionally, a pipe shoe on a non-insulated line can function as a wear plate to protect against corrosion at the pressure boundary of a pipe’s wall.

Pipe shoes come in a wide variety of configurations and styles. They can be fabricated from split beams or plates, and can be made from carbon steel (with optional galvanizing or painting) stainless steel, or alloy steel. Fasteners, such as clamps or u-bolts, can be incorporated into the design of the shoe when welding the shoe to the pipe is undesirable.

Cogbill has been manufacturing a wide variety of custom pipe shoe designs for more than two decades, to local, national, and now global markets. With strong design capabilities, experienced fabricators, certified welders, and engineered manufacturing processes, we can meet any pipe support challenge.

RedLineIPS pipe shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are fabricated to exact customer requirements. Optional low friction slide plates can be incorporated into the design and provided to allow for thermal expansion and/or contraction.

Non-welded Pipe Shoes

Non-welded pipe shoes, such as clamp-on pipe shoes or pipe shoes with u-bolt fasteners, allow weld-free installation that does not require skilled labor or hot work permits. They can incorporate low friction slide plates designed to reduce thermal loads on the support structures. Clamp liners, such as Neoprene, PTFE, and PVC, are just a few of the materials that can be added to isolate the pipe clamp from the pipe wall to protect against galvanic corrosion.

Welded Pipe Shoes

Welded pipe shoes are the most cost-effective solution for elevating your piping system to avoid damage to insulated piping. Shoes support the weight of the pipe and can be used to guide and restrain thermal movements in piping systems. Additionally, they can be used to prevent metal-to-metal contact between an uninsulated pipe wall and the supporting steel. Since they are welded directly to the pipe wall, these shoes should match the material of your piping system.

Pre-insulated Pipe Shoes

Pre-Insulated or Cold Pipe Shoes are a special type of non-welded (clamped) pipe shoes that both support a pipe as well as being suitable for extreme temperatures, or where heat transfer is not desirable. These pre-insulated shoes include a system of high density polyurethane foam. Operational temperatures are good down to below -300F°, making these shoes ideal for LNG plants, carriers, and terminals. Cold shoes can be fabricated specifically to customer specifications.


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