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Redlineips Piping Accesories

Cogbill Construction’s RedLineIPS industrial piping products include numerous key Piping Accessories commonly used in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Among the Piping Accessories we offer are:

  • Piping Specialty Items

  • Pipe Hangers and Support Hardware

Piping Specialty Items include such products as spectacle blinds, spacers, rings, and strainers. Pipe Hanger and Support Hardware include items such as rod hangers, U-Bolts, and slide plates, among many others. All RedLineIPS Piping Accessories are manufactured in the U.S.A.

At Cogbill, we have experienced and skilled craft persons with versatile tools and machinery that allow us to produce high quality custom piping accessories to meet the varying needs of our customers. Our welders are certified per ASME Section IX on numerous processes including SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and FCAW, as well as combination processes. Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote.

Piping Specialty Items


Start-up and post-maintenance of a pipeline can bring debris downstream that can damage and shut down piping systems. Strainers protect pipelines as well as process equipment such as pumps, compressors, and turbines, allowing optimal movement of fluids for a worry-free operation. Mesh screens are fabricated to meet any flow rate requirement. Strainers are typically fabricated from stainless steel, but other materials are available to match your specific needs.

Spectacle Blinds & Rings

Blinds, such as spectacle blinds and paddle blinds, are used as isolation devices. Paddle blinds consist of a single metal disk that can be inserted between two flanges, stopping the flow of fluid or gas during maintenance.

Similar to paddle blinds, spectacle blinds have the same function but consist of two metal disks attached to each other. One side is to isolate material while the opposing side has a circular opening. The opening matches the bore diameter of the pipe, allowing material to flow.

Blinds can be cut/burned from carbon, stainless, or any customer-specific material and finish. Sizes and thickness vary according to the pressure class, and our RedLineIPS brand of blinds can accommodate most customer requirements.

Pipe Hangers And Support Hardware


Pipe Hangers are used to support piping from structures located above the pipe and are designed to be used only in tension. A hanger assembly typically consists of a clamp, eye nut, threaded rod, and a beam attachment. When distances between a pipe and its support structure are large, a turnbuckle can be used to assist with adjustments. Each component of a hanger assembly is sized based on the pipe size and load requirements.

SIZE RANGECustom sizes available
MATERIALCarbon & SS steel, aluminum
FINISHGalvanized, painted, uncoated


A U-Bolt is a “U” shaped bolt used for supporting and restraining/guiding a pipe. The ends of the U-bolt are threaded to assist with securing the U-bolt to steel structures by the use of a hex nut. U-bolts are typically made from carbon or stainless steel. Additionally, U-bolts can be either hot dipped galvanized, or they can be coated with a non-metallic type coating material.

Slide Plates

A Slide Plate is a load bearing plate used in conjunction with a pipe support or equipment support, to reduce frictional forces caused by thermal expansion. A slide plate will have a low coefficient of friction material bonded to it, typically Teflon or PTFE. This allows the slide plate to continue to provide support for the pipe or equipment while simultaneously allowing it to slide or move freely along the supporting structure.


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