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Who is Cogbill Construction?

Reliable, Conservative, Reputable and Efficient these are just a few of the characteristics that Cogbill Construction strives to uphold every day. When Wallace Cogbill opened his business back in 1999 he had the vision to run a company where the customer came first. It is our duty as employees to make sure that this vision is upheld every day.

At Cogbill Construction we work hard to beat our customer’s deadlines, provide them with top quality products and smooth communication between our company and theirs. We believe that keeping a good relationship with our customers is an essential key to running a successful business. The Customer comes first, that’s the Cogbill Way.

The Human Resource Department at Cogbill Construction strives to hire employees who share the same values as the company. We look for people who work hard, set goals for themselves and strive to learn every day. By hiring these types of people we are better able to serve our customers to their satisfaction.

We hold our company to high standards some of which are; dedication to the customers making our services readily available at all times, no compromises on quality, always on time or early, and being a one-stop solution. We pride ourselves on being diverse and developing win-win relationships with everyone, that’s the Cogbill Way.

Wallace Cogbill began Cogbill Construction in 1999; his goal to have a thriving Industrial Construction company built off of a respectable, reliable, credible and conservative reputation has been achieved. Our goal is to uphold that reputation and continue to grow within this industry.

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