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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

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Vidor, TX, October 16, 2017– Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief from Des Moines Area Community College and Lint Van Lines in Iowa donated $1,500 for cleaning and building supplies, food, water, pet food, clothes, etc. Cogbill Construction volunteered to both store and help distribute these items to the disaster-stricken Southeast Texas community, as a result of Hurricane Harvey. “In this time of need, our community has come together and helped serve one another” Ma & Pa Trucking of Iowa volunteered to bring the donations down to Vidor Texas. “Having people drive nearly 14 hours to donate items to people they do not know is a blessing and a testimony that there is good in this world” In times of need, we must come together and support one another. We would like to thank all those who helped bring relief to our community and help its members rebuild their homes and lives. If you would like more information about Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief, please contact Heather Folk at 409-768-1419 or email at   More Safety Blog Posts Cogbill Facebook  Cogbill LinkedIn 
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