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What is a Pipe Support?

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Pipe Supports

A Pipe Support is a metal structure that supports the weight of a pipe over a spanned area. “The four main functions of pipe support are to guide, anchor, absorb shock, and support a specified load.” ( Pipe supports are used throughout companies in the industrial market. Cogbill Construction has the ability to draw, create, and assemble several types of pipe supports using carbon and stainless steel. Once supports are assembled they can be either galvanized or painted. The supports can then be fitted with neoprene plastic, for padding, as requested. We have created a plethora of pipe supports over the years and the main types that are handled often are adjustable and nonadjustable supports. The first five supports illustrated in the picture (left to right) are simple adjustable supports. The last two are simple nonadjustable supports. Depending on location and use, the pipe support may be larger or more complex.

Adjustable Supports

Adjustable supports are built to be versatile. In the field, the supports can be maneuvered to become taller or shorter depending on projects’ needs. In some cases, the adjustable support will be fitted with U-bolts. This is designed to keep the pipe anchored down and for its weight to be supported. In other cases, U-bolts are not used and the pipe sits on the stand. The use of U-bolts or other anchoring clamps depend on the job and the type of pipe used. Pipe that is insulated and carries heat normally uses an anchoring device to keep the pipe from jolting or moving. A pipe that just needs weight distributed will use a stand without anchoring devices.

Nonadjustable Supports

Nonadjustable supports are built to be attached to the pipe it is supporting. The pipe is coped at the top which allows it to be easily welded to the pipe. You will find these supports throughout a pipe rack. Nonadjustable supports, like adjustable supports, can be made in many different sizes and depend on the project for size requirements.

Cogbill Construction has experienced employees to put together all your pipe support needs. We dedicate ourselves to our customers and put great pride in all of our work. Do pipe supports the Cogbill way.

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