Staying Safe with Ms. Nicole | Why We Talk About Saftey

Why We Talk About Safety

Fatal Occupational Injuries


As a company, we strictly enforce NO TEXTING AND DRIVING. We strive to hire drivers with specific qualifications and extensive training. Our different size trucks requires us to hire skilled drivers who agree with our safety policy and abide by our safety rules.

Violence & Other Injuries by Persons or Animals

Cogbill Construction has set HR policies that help combat potential volatile situations. Our policies highlight harassment, chain of custody, and even using foul language. As far as animal concerns, Southeast Texas his home to four venomous snakes. These snakes are locally known as copper heads, timber rattlesnakes, coral snakes, and cotton mouths. Our staff is briefed on the proper protocols when a snake is spotted and if a snake bite occurs.

Falls, Slips, & Trips

We set standards in our shop for all employees. Work areas should maintain clean and tidy and all material is set in designated areas. We encourage our employees to be consciously aware of their surroundings at all times.

Contact with Objects & Equipment

Proper training and PPE are two top priority safety items Cogbill takes seriously. We insure all employees go through proper training channels and always wear proper PPE for their job. When using a forklift, it is advised that you have visibility when operating. If the view is skewed by the operator, it is mandatory they ask for a guide to assist them. The fabrication shop has multiple machines that can harm someone. Proper protocols and training are set in place for safety reasons specifically.

Exposure to Harmful Substance or Environments

Previous safety meetings have gone over Silica and Hexavalent Chromium in depth. As a company we have special PPE that protects our employees from harmful exposure. Our upper management always look for safety concerns prior to employees working.

Fires & Explosions

Placement of gases are determined to be a top safety matter in the shop. They are stored in a separate area distanced from hot work areas. We have regulations put in place to minimize the chances of explosions or fires.

As said a plethora of times, Safety is a TOP priority for Cogbill Construction. We discuss safety everyday, designate a specific day weekly for a meeting with all employee personnel, and always encourage our employees to speak up if they see any issues or have any ideas. As a company, we value our staff and always look out for their well being.

Written By: Teresa Reeves

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