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RedlineIPS Clamps & Shim Block Assembly

Vibration from either fluid flow or from rotating equipment in industrial piping systems can impact the integrity of a piping system. Hold Down Clamps are a specialized type pipe supports that restrain a pipe both vertically and horizontally, while allowing the pipe to move axially. They can also be designed with slotted holes to allow for a limited amount of horizontal movement.

Hold Down Clamps are typically used in piping systems that have a high likelihood to vibrate, such as in the case with Reciprocating Compressors. In such cases, Hold Down Clamps can be fitted with a vibration-dampening material at the interface between the clamp and the pipe. The dampening properties of such composite liners will help mitigate the amount of excitation the piping system will experience. Also, at times there is a need to keep the coefficient of friction minimal for axial movement. In such cases, a PTFE slide plate can be incorporated with the vibration-dampening material in Hold Down Clamps.

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Hold Down Clamp with Shim Block Assembly

Some customers prefer a Shim Block Assembly in the design of Hold Down Clamps. This design allows for a better vertical alignment of the piping system, to ensure the system is installed as designed.

RedLineIPS Hold Down Clamps, as manufactured by Cogbill, come in a variety of designs and configurations that are dependent on the specifics of the customer’s piping systems and their intended use. Clamps can be fabricated from Carbon, Stainless, or other alloy steel, with a wide variety of different optional liner materials.

Cogbill ConstructionRedLineIPS Hold Down Clamp with Liner & Shim Block Assembly

Cogbill’s RedLineIPS clamps and shim block assemblies offer a unique mix of quality designs, customized features, precise fabrication, and on-time delivery, at competitive prices.

Ordering Hold Down Clamps

Since Hold Down Clamps are so specialized, most major engineering and design firms have their own detailed drawings that we can fabricate to. However, if a detailed drawing is not available, RedLineIPS has a proven design that can be configured to your projects’ specific requirements. The items needed for ordering are as follows:

  • NPS, Nominal Pipe Size

  • Material Type & Grade

  • Clamp overall Length and Width

  • Base Plate Requirement

  • Liner Requirement

If additional information is required, or there is any missing information, we can work with your team to determine all requirements that are needed.

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Parametric Model to Order Hold Down Clamps