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Patent Pending


Cogbill’s RedLineIPS FRP SmartPad System is a patent-pending composite system that offers revolutionary corrosion protection to industrial piping systems at the pipe support points. This problem is often referred to as “Corrosion Under Pipe Supports” (CUPS). The SmartPad System also allows quick visual inspection of pipes for external corrosion and wear.

When a pipe is resting on a supporting structure, it moves and vibrates due to rotating equipment, fluid flow, expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, etc. This movement causes friction between a pipe and its supporting structure. Over time, this erodes the pipe’s protective paint coating and exposes its surface to the elements. Given the already-restricted airflow at these support locations, water molecules are retained for longer periods. This entire dynamic causes pipes to corrode externally and eventually fail.

Cogbill’s SmartPad System is a new solution designed from the ground up to prevent the CUPS problem from occurring in the first place, while allowing quick pipe visual inspection, in the following manner:

  1. The SmartPad’s shape saddles a pipe from below and protects its pro- tective coating from erosion.

  2. It prevents water molecules from ever collecting between the pipe and the pad.

  3. It allows inspectors to remove the pads in seconds, inspect the pipe for external corrosion and wear, and then easily reinstall them in seconds.

SmartPad System Features:

  • Heavy-duty composite material

  • Prevents pipe external corrosion

  • Suitable for harsh environments

  • No epoxy needed

  • Installs in seconds

  • Removable, reusable

  • Allows pipe visual inspection

  • Installs on live lines

  • Corrosive chemicals options

  • No welding permits or line shutdown required

  • -60°F to 400°F (-51°C to 204°C)

Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPad System Patent Pending
Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Offer Corrosion Protection from CUPS


  • Ideal for use in marine, coastal and offshore environments where salt and moisture lead to billions of dollars in cost due to corrosion.

  • Can be used as load-bearing thermal insulators in severe cold or cryogenic applications.

  • Corrosive chemicals options are available.



Industrial piping systems usually rest on supporting structures made from concrete, steel, wood, etc. These pipes often vibrate and move due to expansion and contraction, rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors, fluid flow, etc. These points of contact between pipe and support rub and scratch off a pipe’s protective coating, leaving expensive piping bare and exposed to the elements.

Additionally, airflow is reduced in the areas where a pipe and its supports meet, which causes moisture to remain for longer periods. As a result of this entire dynamics, external corrosion at the pipe support points (CUPS) starts to form and spread.

The RedLineIPS SmartPad System offers effective corrosion protection while at the same time allow easy and quick visual inspection of industrial piping systems for external corrosion.

Cogbill RedLineIPS Obstructed Airflow Contributes to Corrosion


  1. Cogbill’s RedLineIPS SmartPads are 100% fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) wear pads with special design modifications, including two recessed grooves to allow our SmartBands to sit recessed into the pads’ bodies.

  2. A closed-cell Hydroseal gasket is preinstalled on the inner surface of each SmartPad, capable of offering a NEMA 4 watertight seal when compressed.

  3. The SmartPad is placed underneath the pipe at the pipe support point to isolate it from its supporting structure and to protect its protective paint coating from wear.

  4. Composite SmartBands are looped around each SmartPad into the recessed grooves, and composite buckles are attached.

  5. Our SmartTool is then used to tighten the SmartBands, thus compressing the Hydroseal gasket. This creates a NEMA 4 watertight seal, eliminating the possibility of moisture ingress between the pad and the pipe.

  6. The installation process takes only seconds.

  7. The SmartPads can be removed, in seconds by cutting

SmartBands off, to visually inspect the pipe for external corrosion. They can also be reinstalled, again in seconds, using the original SmartPad and gasket.

14 Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads System for Pipe 15 Corrosion Protection



Composite SmartPad

The SmartPad’s exoskeleton is a composite material consisting of many layers of continuous strand mat laminated and impregnated with top-quality vinyl ester resin. The pads are designed, manufactured, and tested specifically to be used as pipe supports.

The Pads have high load capacity and low-friction surface. This allows them to effectively support and protect a pipe as it moves over a beam or support location. Our proprietary composite material is UV stable and load tested to ensure peak performance in the most demanding environments such as marine, offshore, and other highly corrosive applications.

Each SmartPad has two recessed grooves that allow the SmartBands to be tucked in when applied. This protects the SmartBands and prevents them from slipping when the pads move with the pipe’s movement over the supports.

Pipes sometimes move due to thermal changes that cause expansion and contraction. This occurs seasonally, between day and night, due to process, etc. This movement can at times exceed the length of the SmartPad to a point where it no longer sits between a pipe and its supporting structure. To help the pipe and pad move back to their original location, our SmartPads are designed with sloped edges on both sides. This reduces the possibility of damage or detachment of the pad during unplanned movement of the piping system.

Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPad Components


  • Made from continuous strand mat laminated vinyl ester resin.

  • Designed, manufactured, and tested for use as pipe supports.

  • UV stable and load tested to ensure peak performance in demanding environments.

  • Grooves prevent SmartBands from sliding out of place.

  • Sloped edges help pad/pipe slide back to original location.

  • Dampens vibration and im- proves impact resistance.

  • Custom length, thickness, and angle of coverage available.

  • -60°F to 400°F (-51°C to 204°C)


Hydroseal Gasket

Our SmartPad’s Hydroseal gasket consists of a closed-cell structure resembling a memory-foam mattress for pipes. Once compressed, the gasket conforms to the pipe’s outer surface, effectively dampening vibration and improving impact resistance.

The gasket’s key feature, however, is that once compressed, it creates a watertight NEMA 4 seal between a pipe and the SmartPad’s exoskeleton. This eliminates the possibility of moisture ever being trapped between the pad and the pipe. Once moisture is taken out of the equation, a corrosion cell cannot form. This also virtually eliminates installer error.

The Hydroseal gasket comes in a variety of materials to suit different applications and environments, and all are rated for a long life cycle. With silicone being a primary choice, other materials, including PTFE, PVC and EPDM, among others, are also available, as well as chemical-resistant options.

20 Cogbill RedLineIPS Composite SmartPad


  • Resilient, closed-cell elastomer.

  • Conforms to a pipe’s outer sur- face.

  • Creates a waterproof, NEMA 4 seal once compressed.

  • Eliminates the possibility of moisture traps.

  • Eliminates the possibility of faulty installations.

  • Broad temperature options (-60° to 570°F).

  • Long-life materials: Silicone, PTFE, EPDM, PVC, etc.

  • Chemical-resistant options available.

  • Suitable for harsh environments: coastal, offshore, etc.



The RedLineIPS SmartBands are heavy duty, continuous strand fiber re- inforced polymer straps that have no metallic components. Their inner smooth surface is safe for a pipe’s protective coating at the contact areas. When the bands are tensioned using our SmartTools, they will be securely fastened and will not slip or fall off. The only way to remove them is to cut them off.

The teeth on each SmartBand will prevent the release of tension over time. This means the NEMA 4 watertight seal that protects pipes from moister traps will remain as long as the SmartPad is installed and for the duration of its life cycle.

The banding system and tools reduce installation time to mere seconds. This allows the pads to be removed and reinstalled for visual inspection purposes, by simply cutting the bands off. This is not possible with numerous other competing solutions.

Cogbill RedLineIPS Composite SmartBands


  • Heavy-duty, continuous-strand fiber-reinforced polymer.

  • Completely composite: non-metallic, non-corrosive.

  • Smooth inner surface, safe on pipe’s coated surface.

  • Low-profile buckles

  • High strength, up to 5,793 lbf

  • Long-life material

  • Safe and easy to fit

  • High-speed installation

  • High retention force

  • Suitable for subsea use



Highly engineered tools designed to easily and quickly install our SmartPads using our composite SmartBands. The tools are capable of applying high rates of mechanical force without needing to exert significant effort. This ensures the SmartPads will not slip and their Hydroseal gaskets will continue to maintain their NEMA 4 watertight seal to prevent water molecules from ever invading the protected side of the pipe.

The tools are made from high-grade composite and metallic materials capable of applying high rates of force without damage or deformation. Their design entails ergonomic hand grips, for both convenience and proper operation. A built-in mechanism to cut off excess banding is included for both convenience and speed of operation.

SmartTools come in three varieties:

  • Manual, for quick operation

  • Mechanical, for precise application of specific force ratings per engineering standards

  • Pneumatic, for quick installation of large numbers of SmartPads

Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartTools for SmartPad System


  • Fast, easy to use

  • Ergonomic design

  • Applies high rates of force

  • Creates NEMA 4 watertight seal between pad/gasket and pipe.

  • Built-in clipping mechanism to cut off excess banding.

  • Usable below waterline

Available Options:

  • SM-FT-2000-19: Manual Tool

  • SM-FT-1000-19: Mechanical Tool

  • SM-FT-3000-19: Pneumatic Tool


Chemical Resistant Options

Some chemical processes involve highly corrosive substances that may require materials, such as PTFE, to be applied to the SmartPad’s Hydroseal gasket. These materials are customizable and interchangeable to suit clients’ ever-changing needs.

The tools are made from high-grade composite and metallic materials capable of applying high rates of force without damage or deformation. Their design entails ergonomic hand grips, for both convenience and proper operation. A built-in mechanism to cut off excess banding is included for both convenience and speed of operation.

25 Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPad with Chemical Resistant Option


  • Wide variety of materials to suit various applications and needs.

  • Come preinstalled on each SmartPad.

  • Can be removed and replaced to suit changing needs.

smartpad system benefits

  • Heavy-duty, completely composite material

  • Eliminates metal-to-metal contact

  • Prevents external corrosion in piping systems (CUPS).

  • Epoxyless, installs in seconds

  • Quick removal and reinstallation

  • Allows visual inspections for corrosion in seconds

  • 100% install success rate

  • Reusable: Cost-effective and green solution

  • Wide range of gasket materials to suit specific applications

  • Corrosive chemicals options available

  • Dampens vibration and noise

  • Installs on live lines

  • Welding and line shutdowns not required

  • -60°F to 400°F (-51C to 204C)

Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPad Installed on a Pipe

SmartPad Benefits

Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Install in Seconds


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads No Epoxy Required


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Reinstallable & Reusable


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Prevent Metal to Metal Contact


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Corrosion Protection


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Wide Range of Thermal Tolerance


Cogbill RedLineIPS Fire Retardant


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Accommodate Any Pipe Size


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Precisely Matches Pipe Diameter


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads No Hot Permits Required


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Install on Live Lines


Cogbill RedLineIPS SmartPads Maintenance-Free Performance


RedLineIPS SmartPads Perfectly Fit Pipe Outer Diameter

Our specialized manufacturing process produces cus- tom-made SmartPads that precisely fit a pipe’s exact outer diameter. This ensures a perfect fit and seal between pipe and pad.

COMPOSITION RedLine Composite
INSTALLATION RedLine SmartBand System
REQUIRED ACCESSORIES RedLine Installation SmartTool
CUSTOM MANUFACTURING Available in any thickness, coverage angle and length

How To Order

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