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Redlineips Pipe Supports

Custom pipe support fabrication is a Cogbill specialty. Our team will coordinate, design, fabricate, and deliver, on time, an unmatched product that exceeds your expectations. Our adjustable, one-time adjustable and non-adjustable pipe support will accommodate your piping systems from 3/4” to 72” pipe diameter in carbon, stainless, or alloy steel. Full material traceability is a standard offering. Non-metallic liners, such as PTFE. Neoprene, FRP, etc., can be included in the design to eliminate metal-to-metal contact, to control corrosion and/or vibration.

Adjustable Supports
Variable Spring Supports
U-bolt Guides Or Clamps

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Adjustable & Non-Adjustable Pipe Support

Non-adjustable Supports
Dummy Legs
Special Saddle Liners

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Various Pipe Support on Piping System

Adjustable Pipe Supports

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Adjustable U-Bolt Pipe Support Components

Adjustable Pipe Supports vary in design and configuration depending on customer requirements. They are used to support pipes during installation, operation, or both. Height adjustability offers a measure of flexibility for multi-time field adjustment. RedLineIPS adjustable supports include the following features:

  • To prevent metal-to-metal contact and to minimize vibration, a saddle can be fitted with various liners pertinent to each application.

  • Liners include VIBLON, PVC, NEOPRENE, VHT/CL, TEFLON, and FRP, among others.

  • Saddles can also be fabricated to incorporate U-bolts to restrain and secure the pipe.

  • Adjustable supports are fabricated as specified by the customer to fit specific pipe sizes, heights, and applications.

Non-adjustable And One-time Adjustable Pipe Supports

Non-adjustable and one-time adjustable supports vary in design and can be fabricated from carbon, stainless, or alloy steel and meet the customer’s specific height requirement.

  • They can be welded to the pipe either in the shop or in field settings.

  • One-time adjustable supports allow for a single adjustment to be made in the field to account for a sloped grade.

  • Our supports are designed for easy installation and are specifically coped to fit pipe or elbow fittings

  • Other configurations can be fabricated according to customer needs.

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Non-Adjustable & One-Time Adjustable Pipe Supports

Dummy Legs

Dummy legs are a type of non-adjustable pipe supports that are designed to attach horizontally to a pipe spool, usually to an elbow. They function as an extension where added support can be provided when typical vertical supports cannot be utilized.

  • Fabricated from either pipe or structural beams, and typically field welded to the pipe.

  • Custom-made to meet the customer’s specific line sizes, material grades, and dimensions.

  • Fabricated for easy installation and are specifically coped to fit pipe or elbow fittings.

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Dummy Legs Pipe Supports

Saddle Liners

  • Viblon

  • Pvc

  • Neoprene

  • Vht/cl

  • teflon Frp

  • etc.

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Adjustable Pipe Supports with Composite Liners

Composite liners can be used in conjunction with pipe supports to help reduce vibration in piping systems. For vibrating piping systems, a vibration-dampening material can be selected as a liner at pipe support locations to utilize its elastic properties. This will help extend the life of a piping system.

Additionally, a composite liner can be used to isolate pipe from metallic or concrete support structures. This will protect your pipe and prevent the formation of either galvanic corrosion or crevice corrosion cracking, which also will extend the life of your piping systems.

RedLine offers a wide variety of support configurations where composite liners can be added, and we can help with selecting the most suitable material based on customer needs.