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RedlineIPS Reinforcement Pads

In the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, there are occasions when a branch pipe may need to be added to a main pipe. Cutting a hole in a pipe to add a branch at that location, however, creates a high stress region at the cut location, and as such, the branch cannot be simply welded to the pipe without engineers validating the strength of the joint. If the joint requires reinforcement based on the results of the calculations process, a reinforcing pad, or RePad, is then required.

A RePad is a reinforcing, doughnut-shaped, rolled plate designed to allow a branch to be welded to a main pipe by “replacing the area” of the main pipe that was cut out. The dimensional data (size and thickness) of the RePad is determined by engineering calculations. RePads are a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for a three-way pipe fitting (Tee) with multiple weld requirements.

Cogbill’s RedLineIPS reinforcing pads are manufactured using an advanced system of precise pattern development software in conjunction with experienced fabricators and certified welders utilizing our CNC plasma cutting system. This allows us to create custom reinforcement pads with varying angle degrees, dimensions, and materials. Additionally, Cogbill can perform the required engineering calculations to determine the size and thickness of RePads based on your specific configuration. Contact us today for a free estimate and utilize the ordering guide below.

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Reinforcement with Weep Hole

A test port, or “weep hole”, may be added to Repads, allowing trapped gases to vent during the welding process. The test port can be threaded to allow for a pressure gauge to be attached later to test for leaks.

There is not a requirement that the pad or saddle be manufactured as a single piece. If required, the RePad can be fabricated as multiple pieces.

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Reinforcing Pad with Split

Ordering A Reinforcement Pad

In order to receive a quote, please provide the details requested below utilizing the the provided diagram:

Cogbill Construction RedLineIPS Parametric Model Piping Products
  • A: Main pipe outside diameter (in)

  • B: RePad outside diameter (in)

  • C: Branch outside diameter (in)

  • D: RePad thickness (in)

  • E: Branch to main line angle

  • Weep Hole: Optional

  • Split RePad: Optional number of segments

  • RePad Material: Specify material type, grade, thickness, and AML

  • Quantity: Small and large orders welcome