First Aid Tips Everyone Should Know Part 1


Here at Cogbill Construction, we believe having our employees well trained in areas such as First Aid is one of the many things that set us apart. We value our employees, therefore we believe that having trained personnel will give us an upper hand on our Safety protocols. Which is why we provided our employees with a CPR and First Aid Certification class, this was on the clock and paid for by Cogbill Construction.

What is First Aid?

First aid is the immediate care you give a person with an illness or injury before rescuers with advanced training arrive. Being prepared with the knowledge and basic skills can make a difference in an individual’s recovery. It could save their life. The key role as a First aid respondent is to Provide care until someone with more advanced training arrives and takes over. When responding to an individual, do your best to keep their information private, including medical conditions. If this happens at a worksite, be prepared to write a report for your company records.

Now What?

What to do: Your first step should be to recognize that an emergency exists. Introduce yourself to the person before touching them or assisting, and ask if you may help. If the person is confused or does not answer, assume the person wants help. Next, make sure the scene is safe for you and the individual you are helping. This includes removing them from a roadway, clearing a crowded area, or delegating someone to help secure the scene. Phone 9-1-1. If someone else is available, have them contact 9-1-1 and direct Emergency Responders, while you provide care for the ill or injured person. Look for medical jewelry that may tell you if the person has a serious condition. How to start: When administering First aid, wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) if available. This may include items such as gloves to dispose of blood and avoid illness, a face mask to perform CPR, and eye protection to avoid unwanted elements. Be sure to wash with soap and water after administering any type of First aid. If not accessible right away, use hand sanitizer until you can wash thoroughly. Watch for our next blog as we give more information on administering CPR & First Aid.

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Written by: Heather Folk

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