Cogbill Safety Tuesday December 21st, 2021

Your attitude not only affects you but also the ones around you. Your attitude in the workplace can have a direct impact on your job performance and your safety habits. Workers with good attitudes typically are more motivated to work efficiently to meet their goals. They often have safe work habits because they pay attention to details and perform their jobs correctly. However, workers with a negative attitude not only have a decrease in their personal performance but also tend to bring their peers down as well. This increases the chance of workplace safety hazards. Though employees may come to work with a negative attitude due to personal circumstances, employers should always seek to create an environment that promotes positivity and safety.

Methods employers can utilize to promote a good workplace attitude:

  • Strong communications. It is important for employees to feel they have open communications with each other and with upper management. Communications from supervisors should enable employees to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

  • Appropriate workloads. Though there may be times when the workload will be greater than normal, employees should not feel that they have to be overly overworked to complete their jobs. Overworked employees tend to lose their drive, and this in turn can cause an increase in workplace accidents.

  • Being involved. Supervisors should maintain a high level of involvement and engagement with their subordinates. Employees that have a positive connection with their supervisor will often feel more eager to perform their jobs effectively.

  • Supervisors’ Attitudes. If management team members display passion for their jobs, this would lead employees to feel more confident in their leadership team and the company in general. Supervisors should also have a positive attitude on safety regulations and ensure that they actually follow them themselves.

  • Respect. Employees who feel respected and are viewed as an important asset to the team are more willing to put in their best efforts forward.

Methods that can help improve your own attitude:

  • Recognize your attitude. If your thoughts or conversations are beginning to sound more negative, make sure you recognize them before it gets worst.

  • Identify the source. After you recognize you are in a state of poor attitude, seek to identify what is causing you to be brought down.

  • Address the issue. If possible, take time to address what is bothering you. If a coworker or supervisor is causing an issue, try to have a constructive conversation with them.

  • Take a step back when needed. If you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts, take a small break. Take deep breaths. Try to remember the things you are grateful for. Remember the things you want to achieve. Try to bring in positive thoughts to replace the bad ones.

Positive attitudes can be a great tool to bring benefits to yourself and to all those around you, in the workplace as well as at home. Negative attitudes can be equally or even more destructive, for such attitudes can spread like a wildfire than can rage out of control, bringing an organization down to its knees. So keep the chin up, smile, don’t scowl, and help everyone get back home safely.

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