Hot Work Safety

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Cogbill Construction Weekly Safety Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

Hot work is performed daily in the industrial workplace. Hot work is work that involves electrical arc, gas welding, brazing, cutting, or other such open flame activities. Hot work can be hazardous as it has the potential to cause fire by uniting oxygen, fuel and an ignition source. Hot work fires can lead to avoidable deaths, injury, and property loss.

To try to keep you and others safe, please do the following when going to perform hot work:

  • If possible, avoid hot work and find an alternative work solution

  • Wear appropriate PPE

  • Inspect all equipment before operating

  • Inspect the work area. Remove any combustible materials or substances.

  • If combustible materials or substances cannot be removed, cover them with fire resistant shields or blankets.

  • Eliminate explosive atmospheres, such as vapors or combustible dust.

  • Monitor gas and vapors in the area

  • All welding and cutting operations carried on in confined spaces shall be adequately ventilated to prevent the accumulation of toxic materials or possible oxygen deficiency

  • Make sure that the appropriate fire extinguishers are near by and easily accessible

  • Analyze the hazards through identifying scope of work

  • Utilize a hot work permit system

  • Always have a trained fire watcher at hot work areas. Fire watch should remain on site for a minimum of 60 minutes to monitor for smoldering fires.

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