Safety with a PB & J – The Impact of Workplace Injuries

Impact of  a Workplace Injuries

Here at Cogbill Construction, we hold a safety meeting every Tuesday, and today was no different. Today’s topic was the impact of workplace injuries on our day-to-day life activities and how it affects our lifestyle. To illustrate this, we demonstrated the effects of various injuries on a person’s ability to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

One worker was uninjured an suffered no disabilities. The second had lost a part of his arm, crushed by a press brake, simulated by strapping his arm. Additionally, the third had lost a part of his leg, a forklift flattened it when he was caught in a pinch point, simulated by strapping his foot. Lastly, the fourth had suffered a chemical injury and had lost both his eyes, and as such was blindfolded.

Each person was asked to make a simple sandwich, and all materials and tools were provided. Alas, the race began!
Impact of Workplace Injuries

Impact of Workplace Injuries

Winner’s Circle

As expected, the uninjured employee made a perfect sandwich in record time. Second place was the worker with one foot with difficulty hopping on one foot. Third came the worker with one arm. He struggled a lot trying to open the jars and spreading the peanut butter and the jelly. Even eating the sandwich was tricky. The blind person came in last, having the most miserable time trying to find things, bumping into everything, making a huge mess.

Suffering an injury is no laughing matter, but it is hard to imagine its impact on our lives. You can witness the struggles of a person who lost a limb or an eye, but the effect is usually short-lived. We hope that watching a fellow worker struggling to perform the simplest of tasks can leave an impact on the audience. Barking commands or reading policies in safety meetings can get old. We hope a simple demonstration may leave a better imprint on the minds of our employees. Sometimes doing something outside the daily outline can make an impact. We strive to keep the impact of workplace injuries relevant and memorable.

Cogbill Construction has a great safety record. We are a member of world class safety organizations such as ISNetWorld and Avetta. Overtime we have won other awards and safety grants. We dedicate all the achievement to our employees who take safety as serious as our management team.

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