Lawn Care Safety

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Cogbill Safety Tuesday March 16, 2021

With warmer weather approaching, people will begin to spend more time maintaining their lawns. Though a task that happens daily, lawn care can become a dangerous task if not performed correctly and with caution. Please keep the following in mind when maintaining your lawn this upcoming season.

Before performing lawn care, you should always inspect the area:

  • Be aware of any children or bystanders in the proximity you will be working

  • Check for debris the may be hidden within the grass

  • Check for wasps, snakes, and other animals

  • Check for holes or any other hidden hazards

When using a lawn mower:

  • Use caution when mowing on an incline

  • Do not mow on wet grass, slipping can occur if done

  • Wear heavy duty gloves when changing mowing blades

  • Do not do any maintenance or inspections until the mower is tuned off and the engine has had

  • time to cool

  • Make sure the transmission is out of gear and the mower blade clutch is disengaged before

  • starting the engine

  • Disengage mower blade when on pavement, sidewalks or gravel lanes

When using a weed trimmer:

  • Face the traffic when trimming near the road

  • Stay away at least 25ft from parked vehicles in case you pick up debris

  • Always cut away from yourself to avoid being hit by weeds or debris

Always wear proper PPE:

  • Safety glasses

  • Ear protection

  • Long sleeves and pants

  • Closed toe shoes

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