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Line Of Fire: Watch Out!

Finding yourself caught in a line of fire? What does this mean? Simply, putting yourself in harms way. Three particular hazards to watch out for include: 1)Caught-in or between 2)Struck by 3)released energy. Hazards like the ones stated can cause painful injuries or death.

Caught-in or between: this occurs when appendages, clothing, or even a person in whole is caught in machinery or between a machine and a resting object. Examples we found in our shop include: getting caught in the press brake and being pinned by the forklift. Injuries that could occur because of this situation range from lacerations to amputations. In some special occurrences, death may be the end result.

Struck by: this occurs when a moving object collides with someone. Our shop examples include: someone getting struck by a vehicle, colliding with an over head crane that is carrying a load, and falling material. Injuries that could occur range from bruising, broken bones, and even death.

Released Energy: this occurs when energy, such as steam, is released and someone comes in contact with the released energy. Our shop examples include: a busted hydraulic line and a broken chain. Injuries that could occur range from chemical burns to death.

Avoiding Hazards: Tips & Tricks!

Avoiding hazards starts with being aware of potential dangerous situations. Keeping an eye out for moving machinery and watching where everyone is working will help tremendously. Stay focused on your task at hand, especially when working with any machinery or tools. Lastly, be consciously aware of what is going on around you. The ability to act fast can save a life, including your own.

Written By: Teresa Reeves

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