Manufacturing a Pipe Spool

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Pipe Spool

A pipe spool is a prefabricated component of a piping system. Pipe Spools bolt up to flanges and connect, these are oftentimes used in big refineries connecting to ex-changers. Pipe Spools are made up of three components: pipes, flanges and fittings. “A Pipe Spool drawing shows a single spool and is optimized to provide all the information needed by the fabrication shop to accurately manufacture or assemble the spool. The drawing must contain these three things: Cut lengths for all pipes, Number, Location, and type for each weld, and A parts list showing the fittings.” ( (

How They Are Manufactured:

“Pipe Spools are fabricated from a number of raw pipes and pipe fittings (e.g. elbows, flanges, tees, etc.) in fabrication shops. Raw pipes are cut to the required sizes and moved with pipe fittings to a fitting table, where some of the components are fitted together (i.e. temporarily connected). The resulting sub-assembly (part of the final pipe spool) continues with welding operations (i.e. permanent connected) before it comes back to the fitting table and gets fitted with other spool components.” (

Cogbill Construction’s Steps to Manufacturing:

  • 1. Material take-Off; this is where our Project Manager will look at the drawings for the job and calculate how many flanges, T’s, 90’s, and pipes we will need in order to fulfill the customers’ order.

  • 2. Purchasing the Material; Our Project Manager will work with our purchasing department to complete this step.

  • 3. Prepping the Material; the pipe has to be cut to specific dimensions according to the job at hand and then fit together (temporarily) to assure that the pieces are cut correctly.

  • 4. Welding; our welders will now weld the pieces together (permanently)

  • 5. Final Touches: One of the last steps is to send the product off to get painted.

Cogbill Construction specializes in special-order Piping Spools and Piping Accessories. Our software, hardware and machinery match up with our experienced and skilled craft persons to produce high quality customized Process Piping, Pipe Stands, Pipe Shoes, and Reinforced Pipe Pads in almost unlimited varieties and designs. From the quantity of one to thousands, we can accommodate our customers’ specific needs and designs. Try the Cogbill way.

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