Slips, Trips & Falls: What you need to know

Safety with slips, trips and falls when working in a Fabrication shop like Cogbill Construction can quickly become a major accident. Slips, Trips and Falls account for 15% of all accidents. A simple fall could result in an employee injuring their knee, ankle, foot or some other body part. Not only does the injury have to be treated the employee may not be able to work for an extended period of time. This is where a simple ankle sprain could become a major problem for both the employee and the company. So how do we prevent these accidents from happening? Let’s first begin with addressing the causes behind the Slips, Trips or Falls.

How Slips, Trips & Falls Occur:

safety poster simpsons homer simpson ice cream slip and fall cogbill construction sheet metal steel fabrication sheet roller plasma table welding setx industrial Wet products and spills on smooth surfaces can cause employees to slip. These products can be things such as; water, mud, grease or oil. Dry products such as dust and powders can also make walking surfaces slippery causing an accident to occur. Other ways trips can occur could be; sloped walking surfaces, loose rugs, wet muddy or greasy shoes, ramps without slip-resistant surfaces, debris such as leaves, metal surfaces and so much more.

How to Avoid Slips, Trips & Falls:

In order to avoid accidents from occurring employees must be aware of potential hazards that could cause them to slip, trip or fall. At Cogbill Construction we address these potential hazards and ways to avoid them in our weekly safety meeting. During these meetings, we assure that our employees are up to par on all things relating to safe work practices. Good Housekeeping is one of the best ways to avoid tripping hazards. By keeping your workplace maintained and free of clutter you are ridding the area of potential things for employees to trip over. Another effective way to prevent hazards is by practicing safe walking practices. This refers to employees knowing their way around the shop. Employees should be aware of what work is going on at all times this way when they are walking around the shop they can take routes that will prevent them from walking in dangerous areas.

In Conclusion:

Be sure to report all incidents at work no matter how minor they may seem. By reporting all incidents to your employer they will be able to better prevent incidents from occurring. Knowing is the first step in working safely. Written by: Heather Folk   More Safety Blog Posts Cogbill Facebook  Cogbill LinkedIn   

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