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Distractions at the Work Place

Work Place Distactions

Work place distractions are always a safety concern. In a fabrication shop you have numerous of distractions. Cogbill Construction took a look at potential distractions in our shop on Tuesday and this is what we found.

Our employees discussed what our potential distractions could be in our group session. Items such as texting or answering phone calls and checking emails. Other items included loud music, loud machinery, co-workers interrupting job process, and even home distractions. We concluded that distractions could be anything or anyone.

How do we keep distractions to a minimum?

Patients is one factor that can help with disruptions. Learning to wait until another coworker has a stopping point in their work before asking them questions or for help, could make a difference. A second major factor could be to use phones only at break or in emergency situations. Putting your cell phone in your locker gives you the ability to focus on work 100%. External noise, as all fabrication shop workers know, cannot be helped. However, one can always take the initiative to always wear ear plugs or muffs when working in the shop. Discussed last was home interferences. At work it is easy to get lost in your thoughts. Unfortunately, working in a shop is more dangerous then day dreaming at a desk. Problems at home can cause someone to lose a hand in the shop. Having a cool down moment when you get to work is your first priority. Take a couple of minutes to straighten your thoughts out and prepare you mind for the work ahead. Always stay focused on what your doing and try to put problems at home in the back of your mind until your work is complete.

Distractions can lead to loss of productivity, loss of work morale, and even injury. Distractions, as stated before can cause issues for everyone.

Written By: Teresa Reeves

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